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Scenes From Our Yard That Make Me Smile

It's hard for me to go outside and not find something in our yard that makes me smile. The past few days, I've been walking around our land, taking photos of things that just make me happy, for whatever reason. And I'm sharing them today.

1. The tree with the old swing. I've always wanted a tree swing, and while I haven't used this one yet because the chains are all rusty, I really hope to fix this one up someday so I can use it. I hope I get to swing on this thing until I'm 80 years old.

2. The "Alice in Wonderland" path. This is a grape vine (with real grapes! See below) that created a little tunnel that seems natural it would lead to some fairy tale-like world. If only. But it's fun to daydream about. Especially if we ever have kids - perfect for make-believe.

3. Our grape vines. We have a lot of them. I didn't even know they were growing real and delicious bunches of grapes until I had friends over this weekend, and they pointed them out while I was showing them around. Like seriously, we have grapes in our back yard.

4. Also while our friends were over, they pointed out that one of our old sheds was a former chicken coop. And then we noticed this little sign hiding in the bushes in front of it. I'm seriously contemplating getting some chickens (adding "Chickens For Dummies" to my to-do list).

5. When I leave for work on my early morning days, this is what our street looks like. The sun lights up our tree farm in the distance with yummy, golden hues as it rises, and it makes my heart so happy. Sometimes, I actually just stop in my car for a few seconds so I can look at it a little bit longer. 

6. On those same mornings, when you finally get down to our tree farm, and you can see the sun, it's just beautiful. I don't even have words. Insert dramatic, peaceful sigh. 


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