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A Few of My Fall Favorites

We had a bit of a cold spell here in Upstate New York this weekend. And by cold spell, I mean winter came about a month and a half early. We even had snow today! And while I've been in a fall mood since the first of the month, I was all about autumn everything this weekend with it being especially chilly. Here are a few of my favorite fall things as of late.

1. These mittens from H&M are an amazing rust color that pairs perfectly with fall colors, and they have the softest fleece lining inside that's been keeping my fingers nice and toasty on our fall hikes.

2. Speaking of being nice and toasty, for part of the weekend, we were trying to hold off on turning our heat on. We always try to make it until the last week of October (spoiler alert, we didn't). The day before we turned our heat on, I stepped into these bad boys. These fleece leggings from Target are uh-mazing. A few minutes after putting them on, the bottom half of my body was so much warmer than my top half. Plus, they're SO soft. Like, really, really soft. I plan to buy a few pairs of the leggings and the matching tops over the course of the next few months to get me through winter. 
Also, these slipper socks are some of my favorites. They're by the brand Lemon, and you can find different styles by them at DSW. I look forward to getting a new pair every fall because they're so warm and they look cute. Although a little pricey, they're worth the splurge.

3. My skin is already starting to dry out because of the cold air outside, and I've also been experiencing some breakouts recently, so my skin has been all over the place. When that happens, and my usual skincare regimen doesn't keep it under control, I start smothering honey all over my face for about 20 minutes after cleansing. Just honey, nothing else. And after a day or two, my skins feels hydrated, smoother and my acne starts to disappear because of its antibacterial nature. It's truly amazing. And all-natural. And you probably already have it in your pantry. And it tastes good if you "accidentally" lick it off your face.

4. One of the reasons I've been getting acne: It's Halloween Candy Season (HCS)! There's something about sitting on the couch with the lights dimmed, cuddling under a warm blanket, lighting a candle and diving into a big bowl of fun-size candy bars while watching a scary movie, amiright? I'm not a candy bar person the rest of the year, but I'm all over it in October. But they have to be fun-sized. Or I'm not interested.

5. These pumpkin tortilla chips from Target are like, so good. Trader Joe's also has something similar, but to my surprise (because I'm obsessed with everything TJs), I prefer these. You should stock up, though, because you'll probably eat your first bag in one sitting. I found mine on an end cap near the chip aisle.

6. This entire weekend, I had soup for dinner. I crave it during cold weather. My favorite is the Trader Joe's Minestrone (pictured) and the TJ's Pumpkin soup. We also found these cheddar beer cracker things at Fresh Market, and they were pretty awesome.

7. When I was younger, and even now, I loved the Anne of Green Gables series. L.M. Montgomery's writing is so very quotable, but for the month of October, this is clearly perfection. I had to frame it and put it in our bookcase as a reminder to take in every day of October, because it goes by so quickly. The print is from Etsy and the candle, which is also lovely, is from Target.

8. Cozy-ing up our sofa with autumn pillows and faux fur. I never thought I'd be a faux fur person, but this season Pottery Barn came out with a pillow and matching throw that I was obsessed with. The pillow cover I bought myself* and the throw was a gift from my mom. They've been so amazing to cuddle with on the couch on a chilly afternoon, and it's so nice to think of my mom when I use the throw. It only has one problem: I can't get off the couch when I use it.

*I work for the Williams-Sonoma brand and received an employee discount on this item.


  1. I made my boyfriend watch Anne of Green Gables the movie last month and he loved it. So many great quotes in that movie, one of my all time favorites. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I never responded to you! Bad blogger! I made Josh watch it last year because I told him I saw a man that reminded me of Matthew from the movie, so we watched it that night. He kind of liked it too :)

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