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Bedroom Goals: Traditional Cozy Country Cottage

So, we're kind of in the middle of about five different projects right now. We're still plugging away at the trim for our downstairs; I really, really want to have our two living rooms painted before Thanksgiving (which I've started - yay!); Josh is drywall jointing our master suite walls so I can paint them and install our closet storage; then we have to put in the floors. I also am about to start painting the other side of our living room fireplace so it can match the side we've already done in time for the holidays (I have big plans to make it a holiday wrapping station for Christmas).

So, today, I'm talking bedroom goals.

We want to turn this:

Into this:
Bedding: Nadine quilt from Pottery Barn (no longer available); Floors; Deer artwork by PaperMeadows; Bed: Channing by Pottery Barn (no longer available); Benjamin Moore Bunny Gray; Storage Photo courtesy of Ana RosaGrayson Pendant by Birch Lane; Ceiling photo courtesy of My Ideal Home.

I've had a pretty clear vision on how I wanted our bedroom to look since we started to vacation in Vermont (our first getaway together), and thankfully, Josh agrees with my vision. Over our years together, we've taken more country escapes than tropical vacations because, clearly, we like to be out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by peace and quiet. We've always stayed in really lovely B&B's and Inns that have the most cozy, warm and inviting feel to them, and since our very first long weekend in Vermont that we took together about 10 years ago, I've known that's how I wanted to design our room once we had a house.

A month or two before our one year wedding anniversary, I casually mentioned to my mom that I found this amazing patchwork quilt at Pottery Barn that I loved. It had all the colors and patterns that I'm drawn to, and it worked with so many different other colors and hues that I knew it was the perfect long-haul bedding. I was so surprised to come home to it one day, waiting for us on our Chicago doorstep, as a first wedding anniversary gift from my mom. You can't buy the quilt anymore, but she's called Nadine, and she's beautiful.

Our bed, also from Pottery Barn, is classic and traditional, with a little bit of cottage flair. It's the Channing, which they no longer make, so I'm so glad we decided to buy it when we did because even now, we're both so in love with it.

Because there's some light blue-gray woven through some of the patterns in the quilt, I decided I wanted to use that as our wall color. Finding the right color, however, has taken months, and I'm rather embarrassed to say that. Blue-grays might be the hardest colors I've ever had to pick out because in certain lighting, most of them end up looking powder blue, which we both wanted to stay away from. We got a few different samples and painted swatches of them all over our master suite, since it's the color we wanted to use in our bedroom hallway, closet and actual bedroom. We're both pretty sure we're set on Bunny Gray, but I'll probably change my mind tomorrow.

We've also purchased our bedroom flooring, and we decided to go with Manufactured Engineered Hardwoods for a variety of reasons. We chose a really pretty distressed-looking oak, which I think will be a nice contrast to the dark furniture we have, and pair beautifully with the light gray-blue walls.

It's no secret that Josh and I love animals, and we've been having fun picking out photographs of animals to hang in our bedroom. Etsy has been a great source for deer and woodland creature photos, which may sound really weird and stupid, but we're kind of all about it. It's the highlight of our day when we see the little deer family wandering around our yard.

I'm still rather smitten with the leaf switch plates we put in our downstairs entryway, and so we plan to continue them into our bedroom, and have most fixtures in an antique bronze. I've already picked out our lighting fixtures and I'm way too exited about them.

Finally, because of the classic barn shape our ceilings have, I got it in my head as soon as I saw the space that we must do wood planks on our ceilings in a white wash/white paint. I say ceilings because the current plan is to plank the ceilings in our hallway, closet and bedroom to tie it all together.

We were hoping to be done with the walls and floors before Christmas so we could finally move into our bedroom (we're currently sleeping in one of the guest rooms), but, it's likely not going to work out that way. Sad face. But, it'll be worth the wait - I hope anyway!


  1. Those couches are lovely. I love how you painted the trim in the living room to white. It's so bright I love it! You are giving me so much inspiration when we finally maybe hopefully one day have our own house with some acreage. I'm very interested to see what you do with the upstairs!

    1. It's amazing what a little paint can do, right? You'll have your home someday :) It took us a while, but it was worth the wait! :)

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