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Christmas Card Photo Rejects

This weekend, we took our Christmas card photos. It's become kind of a tradition to do photo cards every year, with a brief hiatus a few years back when I thought it was a good idea to hand make our cards from scratch (seriously, never again). Since we have a Christmas tree farm on our property, we decided it was imperative to take some photos down there. We also tried to get a photo with little Betty, but she wasn't really feelin' it. While we're pretty happy with some of the photos we got, we also had quite a few awesome rejects. So that's what I'm sharing today.

Betty's over the Christmas photo thing.

Clearly, we're vampires and don't like the sun.

I think I'm over the Christmas card photo thing now.

Josh is over it, too.

While we were totally over it after taking photos, I'm so glad we did it. Since moving into the house, we haven't taken a single photo of us with it, near it, around it ... no photos to document our first year here. And I hadn't realized it until this weekend. We're probably not using this photo on our card, but it was one of our favorites that we took, and it's going to get framed and put somewhere in our house so it stays out all year long.

And finally, I found this photo of Josh that I actually kind of love. I had him sit on our porch while I did some test shots and for some reason, this one just makes me smile. I think it's because Josh usually has a huge, happy grin on his face for every photo we take (which I love, don't get me wrong - he's just a happy guy), but sometimes, it nice to see him captured being himself. Ten bucks he's thinking about drywall jointing here:

Happy almost-holidays from us to you!


  1. These outtake pics are so cute! Sometimes they're the best because it helps you remember the day better. Did you have a photographer come out or did you guys take them yourselves? P.S. I made Christmas cards the year before last and omg what a pain. If I do them again it will only be for the closest of close relatives lol.

    1. Awww, thank you! We took them ourselves with my SLR and tripod. Ohmigod, I will never again make cards from scratch (like you said, unless it's a small batch for certain people). I think the second year I did it, I had a mini meltdown because I'm a perfectionist and Josh was like, "I'm thinkin' next year, we're doing generic photo cards again."