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Hibernating & Our Winter Project Goals (Also, I Like Winter?!)

So, guess what? I actually like winter. One of the reasons I love where I live is because I love seasons. Some more than others, and winter is probably my least favorite. BUT, I still like it. While I do wish that come March 1st, I could flip a switch and make it spring, over the years I've come to appreciate winter for a few different reasons. One, it makes me appreciate summer so much more. Believe it or not, I wasn't always the biggest fan of summer (uggghhhhh it's so hoooottttt. I'm tired of wearing sun screen! The sun is hurting my eyes!). In my defense, I have really sensitive eyes, but generally speaking, I was weird. After a few winters in Chicago, summer was my new favorite thing of life (I looooove sweating and taking three showers a day! Bathe me in SPF 500! I'll wear two pairs of sunglasses! I LOOOOVE SUN! And popsicles!). So now, being a lover of all things warm weather and everything that comes with it, winter has made me appreciate it all that much more. Second, I kind of love the smell of snow and cold air. Love it so much. You can easily catch me outside just sniffing the air when it snows, or is about to snow. Also, seeing a blanket of snow outside is so calming and beautiful. Lastly, I love to hibernate. While I'm a homebody all year long for the most part, winter is the ultimate season for staying in, eating pasta, drinking a good pinot and having movie marathons. It's like, all you can really do in the winter (well, you can ski and stuff but you know). Monday: Hey, it's cold out, let's make a hearty pasta and drink wine to warm up! Tuesday: Hey, it's still cold out, let's make pasta and drink wine! Wednesday:It's still cold! Pasta time! You get the point. I look forward to this time every year because it forces me to relax, catch up on reading, finish up all my half-started organization projects and well ... do nothing. It's like a homebody's dream come true!

That said, this year will be different. I plan to take hibernation days where all I wear are PJs and fuzzy socks and watch movies and eat popcorn, chocolate and wine for dinner. BUT, we also want to get back into projects. We took the month of December off (kind of) to really enjoy the first Christmas season in our new house together. But now, we have some serious work to do. Here's what's on the docket for our upcoming winter season:

1. We need to finish our master closet. Currently, my clothes are split between two rooms (that we don't sleep in) and Josh's clothes are shoved into a tiny little closet in the room we're sleeping in. At first, it wasn't bad, but now I'm over it (seriously, what closet is that stupid shirt in!?). Josh is officially done drywall-jointing the closet walls, so it's time to paint! We also need to map out our shelving system and decide how we want to design the closet. Then, you know ... install it all, put down the new hardwoods and install the new ceiling light that we bought like a month ago. Our goal is to get the entire closet done by the end of January/early February.

2. Paint our upstairs hallway and our bedroom hallway. When we moved in, our upstairs and bedroom hallways were covered in wallpaper. Thankfully, removing it was very easy, but I never got around to painting. I can't wait to paint the upstairs hallway just so we can hang up some photos and wall art to make it look more homey. And painting our bedroom hallways will just make things prettier to look at as we walk by since it's not closed off by a door (yet).

3. Get our master bedroom move-in ready. While I don't think we'll be able to tackle the actual bedroom ceiling for a while, we really, really want to finish the walls and floors by spring. Our closet was a test run to see if these were, in fact, projects we could handle on our own (we could - yay!). But that was such a small space, and our bedroom is so much bigger, so it'll be a pretty intense project. We need to repeat everything we did in the closet (remove the paneling on the walls, joint the drywall, paint and install the flooring). BUT, if we can just do that, and get our furniture moved in, that will fell sooooooo good. And it'll be amazing to have everything in one room as opposed to having furniture and clothes in every other bedroom of the house.

4. Finalize a layout for our bathroom installation. We plan to take part of our guest room and turn it into a bathroom upstairs so our master bath is more private, and so guests to have their own space when they visit. We've gone back and forth on the layout for so long, and every time we to try to finalize a plan, we just somehow get away from it because it's actually a very daunting task. After stepping away from it for a bit, we both feel more refreshed and ready to figure this sucker out. By spring, we want to have a contractor scheduled to begin installing the plumbing and electrical for the space. Then, believe it or not, Josh wants to tackle everything else himself. Good times! That project will go well into summer, for sure.

It's quite the list. But I'm so glad that we took a bit of a break because we needed it to prepare ourselves for all of this. And if I mix it in with a night or two of "wine and popcorn for dinner" while watching three or four movies in a row, I can totally handle it.

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