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A Closet For Christmas Sometime in January

Once we finished our kitchen, we thought we'd have our master suite, which includes a little hallway, bedroom, and this walk-in closet, done before Thanksgiving. Done, as in paneling stripped down, drywall jointed, primed, painted, floors installed, new moulding and trim installed and shelving put up - all by Thanksgiving, in all the rooms. It's now January, and just our closet is kind of, sort of on its way to being done. 

Currently, my clothes are split between three bedrooms in our house: The bedroom we're currently sleeping in (not our master bedroom), our office and our guest room. My dresser in one room, and hanging clothes split between the other two. Picking out clothes for work and, you know ... life ... is kind of an ordeal. So having this one space for everything is like, a huge motivation right now. 

Starting New Year's Day, we began work on our closet by creating a floor plan for the shelving units. The next day, we bought them at Home Depot, and the day after that, we primed and painted the walls. That alone made such a huge difference!

Then today, we started to install a new ceiling. Last weekend, after painting, we scratched our original plan of putting up ceiling planks and decided to go with beadboard (I'll go more into that in a future post). Yesterday, we started putting the panels up with a hammer and nails, and today, after much hammering of thumbs and swearing in general, Josh was at Home Depot when they opened at 8 a.m. and bought a nail gun. We're now in a much better situation, and there are a lot fewer F-bombs being dropped. 

So here's our current status, as shown to you by two really bad photos since we have almost no light in the room right now:

Hopefully, by next weekend, I'll be drinking wine in celebration that this ceiling seams are caulked, wood-filled and the whole thing is painted. But either way, I'm totally having wine because this shhhhstuff is hard. Then, we need to install the trim, install the shelving and install the flooring. I need a glass of wine just thinking about it.

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