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Closet Progress: New Floors!

Our closet has new floors! I'm peeing my pants in excitement. Here's why:

Last night, I had my first "Renovating is just so haaaaarrrrrdddddd!" meltdown. While we've run into a LOT of issues with projects in the past almost-seven months, I've always been able to keep my cool because it's still a lot of fun and rewarding. But last night, when we were trying to finish the moulding in our closet and it just was not working I thought to myself, "We can't do this." We had messed up parts of it already, and had to backtrack a little, and there were other hiccups along the way with our corner cuts not aligning and the uneven walls causing gaping. So last night, when the moulding still wasn't working, I walked away and expelled a very dramatic, "I just can't even!"

But waking up this morning, and having the floors just WORK totally made my day. They were done in about two hours and we were able to finish some of the moulding (some, however, we need to buy more of again but it's fine). Why is it fine? Because our floors are so preeeettttyyyyy.

During the week, I caulked, spackled, sanded, primed and painted the ceiling that we installed, and we spent the weekend installing a test shelf unit, having meltdowns over the moulding and putting in the new floors. Here's some photo documentation until next week, when we hope to have our ceiling beams up, new light installed and shelving pretty much done so I can move in!

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  1. Love seeing all of the progress Josh and you have made on your house.