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Our Closet Redo: Before & After

Our closet is done! Well, pretty much. We still haven't officially decided on trim/moulding for the window and door, but other than that, it's done. We've been moving all our clothes in over the past week, little by little, and organizing everything so that it was a clean, happy place to be. I've even gone as far as organizing my clothes by color, and bought nice, lighter colored hangers online. Once my side of the closet was all pretty and organized, Josh looked at his mix-and-matched clothes on dark hangers and was like, "Can you make mine pretty, too? My side looks sad." So pretty hangers are on order for him, and once they arrive, I'll be organizing Josh's side to look a little happier. But for now, this is what we have. Let's do a true before and after, mmmkay?


There are still some little touches I'm waiting to add, but I was able to get some small homey things in the space for the time being. I ordered some wintery evergreens and dusty miller sprigs from AFloral and put them in a white ceramic pitcher for a little something on our window sill. I also ordered some white anemones for this arrangement, but they haven't arrived yet. Sad face.

Because the sloped ceilings go up well past my own height, we needed to have a step stool handy for the rare occasions I would need to actually reach the top shelves. I found this cute little stool on Overstock and put a little lantern* from Pottery Barn on top. I plan to fill the lantern with some wintery cedar greenery and a candle (and change it out seasonally), but I haven't quite gotten there yet.

We also plan to hang some photos on the walls, but in the meantime, I found this little frame at Michaels and thought it was perfect for one of our Cape Cod photos that was taken a few years back. I have the print on order, but it's not here yet, either. 

And finally, as ridiculous as this sounds, I ordered new hangers for my side of the closet. I asked Josh if he wanted me to order him some new hangers, too, and he looked at me like I was nuts and said no. I ordered myself Huggable Hanger knock offs on eBay in an ivory color that better suited the lighter and brighter space, and seriously, it made such a huge difference in comparison to the black ones we had. So much so that Josh had me order some for his side, too.

L: Dark and dreary; R: Happy and bright.
Work on our next project begins this weekend! We're going to start working on our bedroom hallway. Most people are confused when I say "our bedroom hallway," so let me explain. When you get to the top of our stairs leading to the second floor, immediately to the left is the entrance to our bedroom. To get there, you have to go down about two stairway steps into this space, which leads you to our bathroom, closet and bedroom.

Eventually, this set-up will be reconfigured a bit once we fill up the doorway to the bathroom (and making it only accessible through the bedroom). But in the meantime, we plan to do the exact same thing to the hallway area as the closet. Thankfully, it was already drywalled (yessssss) so it's ready to paint! Then we need to install the beadboard ceiling, new floors and lighting fixture. Once that's all done, I plan to move my dresser in here up against the closet wall so that all my clothes will truly be in the same area. It's go time again! See you next week :)

*I work for the Williams-Sonoma brand and received a discount on these items.


  1. I have been creeping your blog ever since I discovered your YouTube channel a few weeks ago through Mercedes from L'amour et la musique and I must say I am very glad you are keeping a blog to document your home renovation process - I am a DIY dork! Love the closet makeover! It looks so bright and friendly! Great job!
    PS: I totally get you when it comes to the hangers. For the longest time I had an assortment of random hangers from different stores and once I upgraded to a uniform set of hangers I was so much more happy with how my closet looks!

    1. Hello! Oh my gosh, thank you! I LOVE Mercedes. She's so lovely and amazing. I'm so glad you stopped by! Ahhh, also so glad to hear I'm not totally crazy about the hangers :) It really makes a huge difference, right!?

  2. Girl, seeing your amazing your work on this closet makes me even more excited about the rest of your home! You done GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it!