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Filling Our Bedroom With Animals

This week, Josh has been busy prepping our bedroom walls so they would be ready for paint this weekend. So I had some rare free time to plan projects rather than actually doing any projects. So, I started to map out our bedroom wall collages.

It's no secret that Josh and I love animals. Seeing them makes us happy, so we decided to hang up photos in our bedroom, and bedroom hallway, of some cute little faces to greet us every day. Most of our own photos - family, wedding, and travel photos - will hang in our downstairs hallway and living spaces. So these animal photos, well - they're just for us :)

I've been bookmarking photos of animals on Etsy for years, and now that our hallways is pretty much done, I'm in the process of laying out which prints to buy and how we're hanging them. While narrowing everything down, and getting Josh's opinion (he likes the squirrel photos the best, by the way), I also found some really lovely photos of one of our favorite places on the Cape, and a cute little saying. Here's some inspiration and what our wall may look like soon:

Photos top to bottom, left to right: BoardwalkFoxSquirrelYou're My LobsterDeerDeer, OwlDeer
I mean, how cute is the little owl? And the little squirrel? I can't take it.

This weekend I was able to finish painting the walls of our bedroom (yay!), and next weekend, Josh is starting our plank ceiling. We still have so much work to do in that space that it's a little overwhelming. But, the thought of being able to sleep in our actual bedroom in (hopefully!) a month is some seriously good music to my ears right now.

Current bedroom status.

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