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Half-Done Bedroom & Dining Room

While Josh has been working so hard on finishing our master bedroom, I started to re-do our dining room. It began with an innocent "Oh, I'll just do a few small things to spruce it up a little" and it'll be ending with a pretty decent makeover because one thing lead to another, which lead to everything else changing.

Let's start with the bedroom.

So far, Josh has removed all the vinyl wall paneling, jointed all the drywall, knocked down the wall that created an entrance to our master bath, installed the new window trim and put up the new ceiling.

Here are some photos of its current status:

New bedroom ceiling and window trim.

Wall down for our bathroom entrance.

We're hoping the floors come within the next two weeks, but they're currently on backorder (boo!), so we might be in a holding pattern until then. Sad face. But, until then, we have some time to go door shopping so we can cover up this big hole and, like, shower with a little bit of privacy (it's been an interesting week since this wall has come down). We'll be installing a sliding door with a rail system, and I'm kind of way too excited about it.

Our dining room is also coming along. This weekend, we got the chandelier of my dreams up (like, I've literally been dreaming about it for longer than I'd care to admit). We need to swap out a chain piece after the bronze spray paint on it has dried (currently, we have a very stylish neon orange one in its place). But, she's sooooo preeeeetty.

New dining room chandelier. Twisting on all those crystals legit took up an entire Friday night. Totally worth it.

We also ordered two of our new dining chairs, which will be arriving this week sometime. We decided to go with two formal upholstered chairs for the heads of the table, and then go for unfinished chairs, painting/distressing them different in colors for the remaining seats. A few weeks ago, I was able to paint the walls, and this weekend I finished painting the ceiling. I also started to re-do the huge windows in that space by ripping out the old oak trim and framing pieces, and distressing/staining new ones to install this week. Future plans for this room also include mounting a chalkboard to the side wall where the thermostat is, as well as building some really lovely open shelving to display photos and dishware. I feel like I'm already in over my head, but it's honestly so worth it since this is probably my favorite room in the house. I've been itching to take on these projects since moving-in day, so bring it on, dining room. Bring.It.On.


  1. Oh my gosh, everything is really coming along! You and Josh must be over-the-moon happy and proud with how beautiful everything looks!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! We're pretty happy right now. I think when we started everything I kind of thought that nothing would go right because this was such an undertaking, but it's been so nice to see some things turning out as planned :)