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Taking It Easy For Easter (Kinda)

It's Easter weekend! Memories of running outside in colorful dresses, hyped up on candy and chocolate have come flooding back. We kind of did the same thing today by going for a hike in the woods after a very carb-loaded breakfast of waffles and muffins (some things just will never change). And of course, we squeezed in a few projects because we apparently can't stop.

All week after work I spent time prepping some wood to make shutters for our bedroom. We have two small windows in that space that just needed a little something, and they're too small for drapes, so I came up with the idea of making shutters for them. They were pretty easy, just tedious and time consuming because I wanted them to have a distressed finish. They required some sanding, beating up, staining and chalk painting. I'll go into more detail in another post, but here's a quick (and poor quality) photo I snapped while Josh held them up to make sure they worked. I kind of adore them.

I've also been working on getting our dining room in order and getting some of the little details finalized. I've been picking out some photos on Etsy, but had a hard time finding frames that I liked. As per usual, I had a picture in my head, and no stores sold it. So, I made it. I bought an unfinished frame at Michaels, and spent the week staining, painting and distressing it. I also bought a burlap matboard, and was thrilled with how the whole thing came out. I'll probably be repeating the process for a few other picture frames in the space. 

As for Josh, he's been working on prepping our bedroom entrance to the bathroom. It's all we can really do right now while we wait for our flooring to come back in stock. It's not very exciting, but it is hard work. I'm happy he's doing it, and I'm on the couch right now eating a rice krispie treat.

Speaking of rice krispie treats, all of that said, it's been a very relaxing Easter weekend filled with lots of yummy treats. I hope you all had the same kind of weekend, and here are a few moments from ours:

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