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Guest Bedroom Goals: When One Thing Leads To A Project You Had No Intention of Starting

One of the biggest lessons we've learned in renovating a house is that you always have to be prepared to change your plans. We've been experiencing this recently more so than ever because installing our guest bathroom is having a serious ripple effect through our entire house. Indulge me in a lengthly explanation that you probably won't care about, will you? K, thanks.

Guest Bathroom Goals

While we continue to plug away at demo-ing out walls 'n stuff to make way for our guest bathroom, I realized I was running out of time to really finalize the design of the space. Because other projects have been such a time-consuming distraction, I haven't really given the guest bathroom a lot of thought, other than a few random ideas here and there.

Our Master Bedroom: The Details

Hello, friends! We did it - we moved into our bedroom, and it feels so, so good. It's about as good as pizza and red wine for dinner, which is sayin' a lot (and also, what I had for dinner last night). We spent the week finishing up the wall we put up, cleaning up all the dust and slowly moving in bit by bit. The guest room we've been sleeping in has been full of stuff we've been buying since we moved in almost a year ago, and it was so satisfying to be able to put them all in our finished space. It was a rather glorious afternoon, setting everything up.

Master Bedroom Reveal: The Steps

Oh hey, no big deal but we have a bedroom now.

Well, we mostly have a bedroom. We had to build up a wall this weekend, and it's not painted yet, BUT, we'll be slowly moving in little by little over this coming week, which is surreal, exciting and crazy. This is one space I never thought would get done, to be honest. It was in such rough shape when we moved in, and even though we both had a vision for it, it was hard to see it ever getting brought to fruition because it needed so much work.

Let's start with some good 'ole befores and afters, mmmkay?