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Guest Bathroom Goals

While we continue to plug away at demo-ing out walls 'n stuff to make way for our guest bathroom, I realized I was running out of time to really finalize the design of the space. Because other projects have been such a time-consuming distraction, I haven't really given the guest bathroom a lot of thought, other than a few random ideas here and there.

The past few weeks I've been able to narrow down the overall feel and look of the bathroom, and now, I'm really excited about it, even though installing the fun design details is so, so very far away at this point. I'm currently at the "I'm-looking-at-a-bunch-of-holes-in-the-wall-and-I-can't-see-this-project-getting-done-ever" stage.

We've thought a lot about our master bathroom design over the years, which will be a really spa-like space with a cool mint green on the walls and gray accents. This bathroom, however, we're going for something more farmhouse-y, with touches of rustic decor, and likely keeping it all white to make it light and bright since it'll be a pretty small bathroom. I'm even playing around with the idea of shiplap walls on one, or all, of the walls. Oh! And maybe, an exposed hardwood ceiling? So many possibilities, when you start from scratch!

Here's what we're seeing in our heads right now, a style which I'm temporarily dubbing clean, bright spa with touches of natural earth and rustic charm. That totally narrows it down, right?

Here's what we know for sure so far: The bathroom will have a tub, shower combination with white subway tiling, a double vanity (which I also want to be white) with a white marble top, natural wood accents brought in, likely with wood-framed vanity mirrors and the little wood/marble accent table shown above (which we currently own), farmhouse wire baskets for storage, white hexagon tile floors and (fingers-crossed) shiplap walls in some form or another. I think we can make it happen. Maybe? I guess we'll see!


  1. I LOVE that little table! And I love the look you're going for. It's been so much fun seeing everything.

    1. Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying :) I love seeing your comments! :)