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Guest Bedroom Goals: When One Thing Leads To A Project You Had No Intention of Starting

One of the biggest lessons we've learned in renovating a house is that you always have to be prepared to change your plans. We've been experiencing this recently more so than ever because installing our guest bathroom is having a serious ripple effect through our entire house. Indulge me in a lengthly explanation that you probably won't care about, will you? K, thanks.

So, in order to install the plumbing upstairs without running pipes directly into our living room downstairs and having to cover them, our contractor recommended tearing down one plaster wall because we casually mentioned that someday, we were planning to anyway. And by someday, I mean like, five years down the line. So, of course once the idea was in our head, we had to do it. But why stop with one wall in the living room? If we're taking down plaster, and getting the room ridiculously dusty and dirty, why not just clear it out completely and tear down all the walls, and drywall the whole room? And then, why not scrape the popcorn ceiling off and hardwire a light in there while the walls are exposed?! So, that's the plan for the not-so-distant future. It'll be great, but the living room will be completely unusable for at least a month while we do that.

Then, since the guest bathroom is getting installed in our guest room, we ran into a situation with installing new drywall for our bathroom and then having a plaster ceiling and plaster walls in our guest room, which causes a whole other list of concerns. So down all the plaster walls in our guest room go! This was the last room we intended on renovating but there are perks: when we have people over, they'll actually have a nice room to stay in and not have to sleep next to a sea of boxes, tools and sawdust. And it's a win for us because we won't feel like the worst hosts ever because we have a construction site for our guest room. So now, we begin planning our guest bedroom design.

Our guest room will be pretty small now that the bathroom is taking away a good chunk of it. But, it'll be cozy and lovely nonethless. Because of its small size, it'll be all white, which will also match the bathroom. This kind of kills me because I love color and always pictured a bright, colorful guest room in our house, but for some reason the white is really calling to me right now, and I know it's the right choice for this particular room. We'll also have shiplap on the focal wall where the bed headboard will go, and the dark bronze iron bed will give it a really lovely cottagey feel. I've already planned out the bedding (which is my favorite part of designing rooms), and it's giving me all the happy feels. This is the overall vision I have:

For this room, I really want to scout out some pretty antique pieces for the bedside table and dresser. I don't know if that'll ever happen because I tend to get kind of bored antiquing and end up just Googling "things that look old" when I get home to save myself the hassle. So we'll see.

In the meantime, we're still plugging away at demo work. Our entire upstairs is such a disaster right now, and it's totally stressing me out. But, we're pretty sure that in a few days, we can start framing out the bathroom area, which makes me happy again (I have a lot of mixed feelings right now). Progress is being made, my friends.

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