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New Bedroom Door & Demo-ing Out Some Stairs

This week, while still having all the googly, heart eyes for our new bedroom, we were finally able to put up our sliding barn-inspired door.

When we went go hang it up last weekend, we realized that based on our stud placement, we'd have to drill new holes into the hardware, and we were lacking the right tools and a powerful enough drill to do that. But after a quick trip to Home Depot, we were able to spend the week installing it. It was up by Friday night and it was glorious.

We bought a wood slab door from Grossman's Bargain Outlet (an awesome suggestion from my friend Maggie of Honestly Maggie) and painted it white (we used White Dove by Benjamin Moore). The sliding hardware system we purchased from eBay after doing a lot of research. This kind of hardware was a bit of a sticker shock for us for some reason (some of these hardware systems can get up to $400 or $500!), but on eBay it was much cheaper. However, it was incredibly complicated to install, so we're not exactly sure if we recommend it. But, live and learn, my friends.

I found the handle for the door on Etsy from TuscanIron, and I was thrilled with it. I didn't want something that was a super black powder coat - I wanted it to be a little softer. Still industrial but not so harsh. This was exactly what I had in mind.

It's funny, because having the door up that separates the bathroom is kind of amazing, but once you open it and go into our bathroom, which is currently a huge mess from all the construction, and ripped apart from the demo work, it's a little sad. And it'll be that way for at least another year. But, at least our bedroom is still a relaxing oasis.

This weekend, we began demo work for our guest bathroom! In order to build it, we have to take down the stairway that leads to our attic, which is so great because we actually weren't huge fans of it anyway. They were really big and chunky, and getting rid of it will totally open up the stairway landing upstairs. I also started to demo out the guest room closet, which will become be an upstairs laundry room for us. In the next post, I'll show you our plans for the whole area, and our guest bathroom inspiration.

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