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Our Master Bedroom: The Details

Hello, friends! We did it - we moved into our bedroom, and it feels so, so good. It's about as good as pizza and red wine for dinner, which is sayin' a lot (and also, what I had for dinner last night). We spent the week finishing up the wall we put up, cleaning up all the dust and slowly moving in bit by bit. The guest room we've been sleeping in has been full of stuff we've been buying since we moved in almost a year ago, and it was so satisfying to be able to put them all in our finished space. It was a rather glorious afternoon, setting everything up.

A while ago I posted about our bedroom goals, which included creating a room that was warm, cozy, cottagey and a little traditional. The very first getaway Josh and I took together was at a really quaint B&B in Vermont, and since then, we've both kind of wanted a bedroom that reflects that same style (well, I've kind of always wanted it, and Josh was on board with it, so yay!).

I'll break down the details of everything we put in here to make it feel like we will forever be staying at a quaint B&B, starting with our bed.

Panorama view

This bed is from Pottery Barn years ago, and they no longer make it. But, it was exactly what we both wanted. Dark wood, traditional, and the posts and curved lines on the headboard give it a cottagey feel. This was one of the first big purchases we made together and we don't plan on ever getting rid of it (unless is falls apart and Josh has to pry the pieces from my white-knuckled hands). To keep our bedding a little more fresh, but still cozy and warm, we use our patchwork quilt as a focal point (a one-year wedding anniversary gift from my mom), and pair it with mixed and matched sheets, pillowcases and shams. This quilt is perfect in every way (in my eyes, anyway). I love the patterns, which mix feminine and structure, and the colors, which vary from warm to cool, and from a little modern to a little vintage. We've had this quilt for six years or so now, and it still makes me smile every time I get into bed. To make patchwork quilts a little more fresh and updated, I like to keep them so they look slept-in and a little messy on the bed. I personally love it paired with a ticking stripe pattern in the sheets, and knit blankets for texture and comfort (but, mostly comfort).

Above the bed is a shelf I made from unfinished wood and corbels I bought at Home Depot. I stained, painted and distressed them to make them look found, and used it to display some of our favorite photos from one of our favorite destinations, Cape Cod.

Side note: LOVING this book right now. Totally feeling the sci-fi aspect of it.

Bedside essentials: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask and Josie Maran Argan Balm.
These things are absolute life-savers in the winter months, but I pretty much use them all year round.
And yes, I have fuzzy sheep on my bedside table. No big deal.

Josh's bedside table has a frame I got him for Christmas two years ago.

Very soon, our bedside tables will be no longer because we're this close to buying new ones. We're kind of waiting for them to go further on sale to get the best deal possible deal, so while I watch them like a hawk, we're okay living with the ones we currently have. They're from Wal-mart from when Josh and I first moved in together, and they make me laugh because they're so small in comparison to the huge bed. We also bought new bedside table lamps that have an off-white, slightly distressed finish.

The room is very narrow and long, so a large rug underneath the bed wasn't the best option for us. But, we still wanted something soft to step on every morning. We chose two smaller 3x5 rugs to put at each side of the bed. Confession: I really don't like most rugs, but these wool jute ones from Pottery Barn make my heart flutter. They're probably the only rug I've ever actually wanted in our house. The softness of the wool combined with the texture of the jute creates one perfect, neutral rug that goes with pretty much anything. Yesssssss.

On one side of our room we decided to put a little upholstered storage bench to keep our extra sets of sheets and blankets in. This one is from Overstock, and I had hoped it would be a little lighter in color, but it works. On top we have an extra throw pillow from our bed and our little Cape Cod accent pillow to remind us of our summer vacations. In the corner is an oversized basket we can use to toss our extra throw pillows into when we're not using them.

My dresser lives in the hallway attached to our bedroom, but we decided to put Josh's dresser in here to fill up the room up a bit. We wall-mounted a TV above it, which I know is kind of a modern-day no-no. But, there are definitely some lazy nights we wish we could lounge around in bed, curled up with our cozy knit blankets, and turn on one.last.episode of whatever we're binge-watching that night before passing out at like 10:30 like old people. So for us, this is kind of a big deal.

On of the other side of the room we put my vanity and storage shelf. I have a make-up addiction and have accumulated a lot of things over the years, so this all takes up quite a bit of space. But over the years I've figured out ways to store everything in a way that adds character and charm to the space, rather than using a bunch of plastic storage bins, so this whole area kind of makes me happy. It's my own personal play room.

The one thing in the room that's driving me crazy is the patio window. I talked about it in my last post because our two-year plan is to close this window up (since it like, leads to nothing - or your death, either way), and add two smaller windows on either side of the bed, probably right above our night stands. And because there's so much foggy condensation between the glass panels of the door, it's just kind of an eyesore right now with no solution. So, we covered them with sheers, held up by a tension rod (since the window goes right up against the slanty part of the ceiling, not allowing us to use a regular wall-mounted rod). It's not the greatest thing of life, but for a two-year solution, it's okay, I 'spose. I was thankful to get the sheers on a super crazy insane sale so this whole area cost next to nothing. I was hoping to find sheer panels that weren't quite so feminine since they're primarily on Josh's side of the bed, but these were the most affordable option that fit with the style of the room. We also decided against putting the energy and money into trim for the window since its life expectancy is pretty short.

Finally, our bathroom door is not up. We were ready to install it today, but the drill we have wasn't powerful enough to to create holes we needed to make in the hardware, so we're in a holding pattern for the upcoming week until we get the right drill for it. Josh was kind of sad about it.

I'm still on the hunt for a really pretty floor-length mirror to put in a corner somewhere, but I haven't found the right one yet. I don't even know what I'm looking for, but I'll know it when I see it.

And so, my friends, begins our next project: Installing a bathroom in part of our guest room. We have a pretty sizeable guest room, and since the only bathroom upstairs is our master bath, which is attached to our master bedroom. We knew before making an offer on the house that installing a bathroom for guests and possible future kiddos would be in our future. And, Josh is tackling most of it himself, with my help.  We need to do some demo work, including knocking down one of the plaster walls in our living room to run some plumbing through it. It's going to be quite an adventure, and I'm excited, but also kind of peeing my pants in anxiety. We can do this, right? I guess we'll see!

Details pictured:
Patchwork quilt: Pottery Barn Nadine (no longer available, but you can sometimes spot it on eBay)
Sheets: Target (no longer available online)
Quilt shams: Target in Natural
Knit blanket: Pottery Barn (no longer available)*
Ivory tie-close pillow shams: Pottery Barn in Ivory*
Knit pom throw on bed: Pottery Barn (no longer available)*
Linen picture frames on shelf: Pottery Barn*
White picture frames on shelf: Pottery Barn Kids*
"H" on wall: Michaels (could not find online, but definitely available in-stores as of now!)
Other shelf accessories have been purchased over the years at boutiques
Storage bench: Overstock
Ticking stripe pillow with ties: Inspireren on Etsy
Cape Cod pillow from a boutique on the Cape
Throw on storage bench: Pottery Barn*
Basket in corner is the Harrison from Pottery Barn* but it's no longer available
Gray flower frame on bedside table: Michaels (could not find online, but have seen it in stores recently)
Bedside lamps: Target
Dresser: Hemnes collection at Ikea (exact style no longer available)
Rugs: Pottery Barn*
Vanity: Old from World Market
Storage bookcase: Old from Safavieh on Wayfair
Wood and glass storage containers: Old from Pottery Barn*
Drapes: JCPenney

I work for the Williams-Sonoma brand and received an associate discount on items marked with an *.

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