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Guest Bathroom Status

All week, we've had a contractor here installing the plumbing and electrical for our guest bathroom/laundry room/guest room/downstairs living room. It's been kind of weird relinquishing control to someone else! Up until this point, we've done everything ourselves, except for a few rooms where we had someone hardwire lighting for us (which we'll probably never tackle on our own), so sitting back and letting someone else do the work for a change has been very strange. Josh admitted to me, however, that he's been watching our contractor and asking a lot of questions, so it's been a learning process, too. Thankfully, the contractor's like, super relaxed about us (read: Josh) needing to know exactly what's going on at all times.

The first day our contractor was here, he noticed that our floors in the bathroom were uneven, which was really the only unexpected issue with his portion of the project. So, he had to rip up the original flooring down to the joists and rebuild it. When I came home and saw the exposed joists and all the new plumbing, I had a very "there's no turning back" moment. And little by little, more plumbing and electrical wires kept showing up, and I kept thinking to myself, "This is actually happening." I even turned to Josh one day and asked, "Do you feel like this is too surreal, like it's someone else's life we're living?" and he just looked at me with so much seriousness and said, "Yes!" We're so lucky to be able to build something in our house, exactly as we want it.

But, puppies and sunshine aside for a moment, we're still so very far away from completion. We still have to rip down more plaster in the guest room, install a tub, drywall all the spaces, tile, install a toilet and vanity, shiplap and paint the walls, and everything else that goes into creating a bathroom. Our goal is to finish it by the end of the summer - can we do it? We shall see!

Here's where we're at:

Bathroom floor after being leveled correctly.

Plumbing for our laundry room.

Plumbing for the bathroom vanity area.

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