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Farmhouse Fall Decor

I wasn't able to decorate for fall as much as I wanted this year because we just have so many projects we're juggling right now. Part of that is just having so much demolition dust everywhere, which makes it hard to get excited about pretty fall pumpkins and leaf branches. And there's the whole not having a ton of free time thing, too. But, I was able to get up a few things that breath some fall air into this house.

Despite having no free time, I decided to take up another hobby: wreath-making. I sometimes get these pictures in my head of things that I want, and I can't ever find them anywhere. I love how wreaths can instantly add some cozy charm to a room and I wanted a few smaller-scale ones for our kitchen area. An online order and a few trips to Michaels later, I was up and running. I made two of the tiny pumpkin wreaths for our kitchen, and one apple wreath for a little wall that joins our mudroom, kitchen and dining area. We're so, so close to our kitchen renovation being complete, so I don't have any photos of the pumpkin wreath in action just yet, but I really love how the apple one came out.

I got the apple cider sign, apple photo printed on wood and the wreath harvest print all on Etsy.

Our dining room is a total mess right now (because, surprise! We started yet another project that required knocking down and re-building a wall). So, I just did a really simple centerpiece with some faux white pumpkins, faux lamb's ear stems, fresh eucalyptus from Trader Joe's, one or two real white tiny pumpkins, and it was done. I have conveniently cropped out all the tools and drywall pieces laying around this room.

In our entryway, I went all out on our little console. We've had this mirror for years, and I painted it white about a month ago because it had previously been a yellow-green color. Our entryway doesn't get a lot of natural light, so I went with a lot of light, neutral decor items to keep the space bright.

On our entryway door, I hung a wreath that matches the garland on the console. It's impossible to get a photo of it because of the horrible lighting, so this is the best I could do.

The other side of this door is mint green, and I found a crab apple wreath from Afloral that caught my eye. I'm so enjoying the spicy oranges up against the bright mint.

In our living room, as much as I love neutrals, I added some sprinkles of pumpkin spice because fall is the one season I want rich color in my life. I put out a lot of leaf branches, faux pumpkins in all colors, throws in richer tones and swapped out one throw pillow with this cute little apple cider one. I had a lot more throw pillows for fall, but for some reason I liked this color palette, so this year I just went with it.

The only thing I added to our bedroom was this flocked leaf garland in soft colors. It was actually something I ordered online and wasn't thrilled with it when it arrived. It would have been a pain to return it, so I brought it upstairs to our bedroom, and it surprisingly looked okay with all the soft blues and ocean accents we have up there.

I'm hoping to have our kitchen renovation post up by the end of the month. We just need to hang our new doors and put up the new ceiling, and it's done! Stay tuned.


  1. I love your little apple wreath!! So cute Sam. And I always enjoy seeing how others decorate for the seasons.( so I can steal their ideas!!). I love adding the pops of autumnal color to my home, those are just happy colors!! Looking forward to seeing the next project. Y'all are machines in getting things done!! Oh and i found two Jenny Lind twin beds for the guest room at our little house. I was so excited to get them at a bargain!! Our contractor says it will be done by Christmas!!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! This kitchen project has us feeling like machines! I usually get a burst of motivation before the holidays because we like to take the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas off, so we're pushing hard right now. I LOVE twin beds in a guest room! Oh my gosh, if you can move in by Christmas, you're going to have to hang little wreaths from them :)

  2. I'm loving you social media! Your style is right up my alley. I'm so excited to see the Christmas decor and other renovations ❄️🎄🍁