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Spring Bedroom

Spring isn't really a season I usually decorate for. I have a few Easter decorations I like to put out, but lately, I've been trying to keep seasonal decor more minimal. After we packed up Christmas stuff this year, I realized that it was getting to be a little out of control, and it's just so much work to keep doing that for every changing season or holiday.

That said, I kind of decorated our bedroom for Spring a little.


But I kept it super simple.

I saw this sheet set at Target recently, and I loved how fresh and clean it was, and it was just the little bit of color and light we needed to brighten our bedroom a bit for the Spring season. I plan on keeping these in rotation through Summer, which is also how I justified buying them (but let's face it, Target sheets don't break the bank, especially when you get them on a good sale).

Clearly, I'm not one of those people who irons bedding. Ain't got no time for that.

I also got a cute little painted bunny pillow for an extra accent and added some peach and green flower sprigs to our shelf.

Also, since we're talking about our bedroom, Josh and I just booked our contractor for early June to put in our new windows, and take out the old patio door. Saying I can't wait is the biggest understatement of the year. Saying goodbye to that horrible sliding door, and hello to new, clean white-paned windows above each of our bedside tables is going to make both of us insanely happy. We'll need to take our shelf down and re-center it once that's all done, and the bedroom will be one step closer to completely done. Everything else will be small updates here and there.

So, I'm relishing in these lovely Spring days, but oh my goodness, June can't come soon enough.

Guest Bedroom Inspiration & Finding Hidden Gems Under Old Carpeting

Now that the finishing line of our guest bathroom is in sight, albeit still over a month away, I've started to focus my attention on our guest bedroom. That'll be priority No. 1 once the bathroom is done, and we'll both be so relieved to finally have a room where people can stay and not feel like they're in a lumbar yard.

I've actually had the design for the guest room in my head for a while, and even started to buy some of the details over the past several months as I see good sales. We've had the bed for years, and I've already purchased the bedding as well as some decorative accessories from eBay. And after a generous donation from my mom, we have a dresser for the room as well. It'll just be a lot of work to get it to where it needs to be. I laugh about it now because we need to turn this:

Into this:

My inspiration is antique farmhouse with sprinkles of whimsy and cozy cottage (because, it's not a room in our house unless there's a hint of cozy cottage, amiright?). Because we've taken the larger room down in size after installing the bathroom/laundry area, I decided it needed to be all white to keep it light and airy, so I loved the idea of dark furniture for a contrast, which just has a lovely old world feel to it, too. Thankfully, the bed I picked out for our guest room years ago still works, and I actually plan to buy this bed for every guest room in the house because it's just so universal, and the perfect style for a farmhouse, dontcha think?

We'll be doing a faux shiplap focal wall along the back wall where the headboard will go, which will give the room a lot of character. And over the summer once the weather is nicer, my plan is to hit up some antique stores and find a really pretty, but simple, wood accent chair for the room, too.

But the biggest project in here, besides drywalling the whole room, will be refinishing the floors. When we moved in, the entire upstairs had been covered in brown and cornflower blue carpeting. When we started to demo out the guest room to begin the bathroom reno, we saw beautiful wide-plank hardwoods underneath it. We have no idea how old these floors are, but Josh thinks based on the nails in them, they probably date back maybe 100 years? We really have no idea, though, but I'm baffled as to why these were covered by carpeting.

 Sadly, they've been painted several times over the years, so Josh and I plan to tackle stripping them of their paint and bringing them back to life. This is the project that makes me the most nervous and overwhelmed. But I feel like if we can build a bathroom, we can refinish old floors, right? I hope I'm right. Please tell me I'm right.

Anyhoo, if I can somehow take the picture I have in my head of how this room can look, I think it'll turn out to be a cozy little retreat for our guests, and I'm kind of way too excited about it.