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Spring Bedroom

Spring isn't really a season I usually decorate for. I have a few Easter decorations I like to put out, but lately, I've been trying to keep seasonal decor more minimal. After we packed up Christmas stuff this year, I realized that it was getting to be a little out of control, and it's just so much work to keep doing that for every changing season or holiday.

That said, I kind of decorated our bedroom for Spring a little.


But I kept it super simple.

I saw this sheet set at Target recently, and I loved how fresh and clean it was, and it was just the little bit of color and light we needed to brighten our bedroom a bit for the Spring season. I plan on keeping these in rotation through Summer, which is also how I justified buying them (but let's face it, Target sheets don't break the bank, especially when you get them on a good sale).

Clearly, I'm not one of those people who irons bedding. Ain't got no time for that.

I also got a cute little painted bunny pillow for an extra accent and added some peach and green flower sprigs to our shelf.

Also, since we're talking about our bedroom, Josh and I just booked our contractor for early June to put in our new windows, and take out the old patio door. Saying I can't wait is the biggest understatement of the year. Saying goodbye to that horrible sliding door, and hello to new, clean white-paned windows above each of our bedside tables is going to make both of us insanely happy. We'll need to take our shelf down and re-center it once that's all done, and the bedroom will be one step closer to completely done. Everything else will be small updates here and there.

So, I'm relishing in these lovely Spring days, but oh my goodness, June can't come soon enough.


  1. You are wise not to fall down the seasonal decorating hole!! I did many years ago and while I have pulled back, I am rather childlike when it comes to the madness. I blame it on a friend of mine who introduced me to it when our children were small. She had been a teacher and she decorated her home for every event on the calendar. Love those sheets..you are right, they say Spring!!

    1. Yes! I think that's why so many of us decorate - it brings back such wonderful childhood memories and we want to pass that on. I mean, I do a lot of it for myself, but you know :) I just realized that you can add sprinkles of any season or holiday with a few key items that fit into one very small box :)

  2. Perfection! Truly, it's awesome, and definitely has a lovely Spring feel without being too over the top.

    I've never been one to decorate much for Spring or Summer, mainly because I go insane for Fall and Christmas, and there's no room to store anything else! :o)

    1. Oh, I'm so happy you enjoyed! Fall and Christmas are my weakness as well - and our attic is quickly filling up with way too many boxes, too. Oops.

  3. I love your design aesthetic. Great eye!! Who needs Joanna? ;-)