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Master Bath Inspiration & Plans

Now that our guest bathroom is up and running, our mudroom is well under way and Josh plans to begin the guest room soon, it's time to begin planning our master bath. This was actually the project I wanted to start after we painted our kitchen cabinets shortly after we moved in, but we realized we wouldn't have a shower in the house while renovating this room unless we installed our guest bath first. And, well, you know the rest.

I'm actually glad we've waited a while to begin this project. I've had so many versions of this space designed in my head, and while I love them all, my plans for this bathroom have changed a lot from my original vision. Well, I should re-phrase. The general layout has stayed the same, but the overall aesthetic has gone through a few revisions in my head. At first, I wanted a light, light (almost white) mint green on the upper walls, a white waincotting on the lower half of the wall, and overall, more of an upscale hotel bathroom feel.

Scratch that entirely.

Now, guess what? An all white bathroom (surprise!), with a shiplap half wall and a cottagey undertone mixed with a bit of seaside. How does one pull off a farmhouse/seaside cottage bathroom? I'm not entirely sure, but the picture exists in my head, and I'm really excited about it.

Here's a collage that gives the look and feel of what I'm going for:

I was actually kind of inspired by a photo I took in Martha's Vineyard last September (the foggy beach photo with the seagulls in the collage above). I just snapped it with my iPhone really quick as the fog set in on a beautiful day at South Beach on the island, and every time I look at it, I just feel so relaxed. And that's how I want Josh and I to feel in this bathroom. It's also how I wanted our bedroom to feel, too, so it's nice that the two spaces, which are connected, go hand in hand.

We plan to start this project in the late fall or right after the New Year (it'll probably be after the New Year because, let's face it, that guest room will take way longer than we think). We have to rip everything down to the studs, and have a contractor install a new plumbing line for a free-standing pedestal tub. Then, build the whole thing back up.

Things we know for sure:

- A walk-in shower with a glass door, white subway tile, and downsize to one shower head (currently, there are two, and we've never touched the second one).

- Free standing tub. To be honest, I haven't yet decided what style I want yet (and I say I because Josh has declared he will maybe use the tub twice in his lifetime). I've gone back and forth a lot, and I've ruled out clawfoot (as much as I adore them, I don't think it'll fit with the style I'm going for). Right now I'm leaning slipper, but I'm also really drawn to a simple pedestal style.

- Hexagon tile on the floor, possibly the same we used in the guest bath because it came out better than I thought it would. I was originally thinking a hexagon marble with lots of gray tones, but I actually want to keep it a little more casual, and less upscale hotel). Also, light gray grout. Because grout color is something I never want to overthink again.

- Double vanity with an open shelf at the bottom. The bathroom is a good size, but adding the tub will close it up a bit. So we definitely need to add open storage whenever possible to keep the room from closing in on us.

- A wrap-around shelf that will go along the bath tub wall. I actually cannot wait to install this because it'll up the cozy factory in this room by ... a lot. Still deciding if I want to stain the wood or paint it white. I'm leaning white.

- Vanity mirrors in lieu of medicine cabinets. I've never been a huge fan of medicine cabinets, and I love how simple just plain 'ole vanity mirrors look. I originally wanted large oval chrome mirrors, but after installing the pivot vintage mirrors in our guest bath, I'm thinking I want those in chrome for this room.

- Cross-style and porcelain-handled sink faucets. It's a strong possibility we could end up with the same sink faucets that we used in our guest bath. I'm contemplating a victorian or goose neck spout with the same handles, but I'm worried it'll look too formal.

- Vintage wooden stool of some sort to sit next to the tub.

- Sconces on vanity mirror wall for light. I'm 90% sure we'll be using the ones pictured above. Josh loves them and they were one of my front-runners. I think they add the right amount of seaside without being obvious.

- Gray towels to break up the white and add a teensy bit of a coastal color palette.

- I really want to add some natural or stained wood elements somewhere, and I'm playing with the idea of open shelving above the toilet or on a wall somewhere. I'm still unsure about this.

I cannot ... I repeat ... canNOT wait to start this room. It'll be a long, tedious process, but we've done it before, and I know we can do it again. We learned so much from doing the other bathroom that we think this one will take less time because the room is already framed out, and we can jump right into drywall/cement board/tiling. But, famous last words, right?

I'm guessing it'll be done by the end of Summer 2018.

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  1. Yay! That's so exciting Sam! All your ideas sound great! I do think that the guest bedroom turned out beautiful, I would definitely copy many of those details. Can't wait to see updates! I look forward to all of your house renovation updates!