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Guest Room Post-Christmas Spruce Up

Christmas is over - sad face! We all know it's kind of a sad time when you're putting the Christmas decor away. But, this year I had something fun to look forward to - I got to re-do our guest room. Again.

I went a little crazy in here for Christmas. But my initial design of the space was a lot more neutral and serene, so it's really lovely to see how I originally envisioned the room finally come to life.

The biggest thing is the addition of our new dresser, lovingly donated to us by my mom. This was the dresser she had when my sister and I were growing up, so it's nice to have the familiarity in our house now. And the style of it couldn't fit better - it was meant to be, I think. I swapped out the knobs on it for some distressed brass floral ones, and it came together perfectly.

I added some little wreaths to the bird wall hooks, and I'm not gonna lie, these guys are still one of my favorite things in this room.

I moved the little table that was originally where the dresser is now over to another wall next to the rocker. I'm not sure if I love it here, but the table needs a home at the moment, so here it stays for a bit. One thing I know for sure is that it needs some artwork over it - so that's a mission that's been added to my to-do list.

The bedding was the only other major change. The red grain-sack patterned quilt went away (double sad face!), but I got to break out the bedding I originally bought for this room about two years ago, before we even started to renovate in here. The sheets were the first things I bought, and I loved the pattern. They're part of the Shabby Chic line at Target, and the minty green color is what sucked me in. But I also wanted a lot of warmth to go with the bedside tables, dresser and floors, so I got this flaxy colored quilt, also from Target, and layered in some knit blankets underneath for some texture, and, you know, coziness. I'm also a big fan of mixing pillow shams, so I found added a crochet-trimmed flax one, and a quilted mint green one in so that it looked a little more relaxed. 

For the bedside tables, I still have yet to find the perfect lamps. I've been looking pretty much every single day, and can't find anything that works. So, that's still on hold at the moment. But I did swap out some of the books, and the florals in the vases for something more neutral. 

Aaaaaaand, I may have totally bought a set of sheets at Target for this room for the fall season. They were on clearance about a year ago, and they were so pretty and rich with warm colors, but still fit with the style in the room. So they'll be another design in here for me to look forward to. There are still a few details I need to wrap up in here - lamps, artwork, oh, and a door knob on the door (that's not that important though, right?) - but it's definitely coming along.

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