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A Quick Little Fall Guestroom Update

Oh, about two years ago, I bought a set of sheets at Target for our guest room, well before we even started construction on it, knowing that they would be the coziest addition for an autumn-infused space. We've been having some guests stay with us recently, and with the chilly weather setting in, and lots of apple breads and crisps baking downstairs, it was time to get this room ready for fall.

There weren't a lot of updates in here, mainly just swapping the sheets and botanical stems in the vases to add the warmth of the season. And a while back, I finally found lamps for the bedside tables after about a year of searching. And that's really ... everything. To see how this room is set for Spring and Summer, you can take a peek here, and to see how we do it up for Christmas, you can join us over here. For now, enjoy our little autumn cottage room here:

It's not the best photo, but our guest room has a great view of our back yard and pond, which is awfully nice waking up to every morning. This past summer while we were working on our master bathroom, the mortar really smelled when we laid it down on the floor, and I slept in here for a few nights until the smell went away. And I have to say, I kind of loved it.

Happy harvest season, all!


  1. Nice job Sam!! That view is beautiful! I’d love to be a guest in that room 😊

  2. I love the simplicity of this room. Its beautiful!

  3. I love those linens and the view...just lovely!! Can I come and visit you and stay in that room?:)

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