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Master Bedroom Christmas Update

For about a year, I’ve been contemplating updating our master bedroom a bit. This was the first room in our house that we completely redid, which included installing a floor (because there was only subfloor when we moved in), updating the ceiling, painting the walls and installing two new windows after covering up a patio door that led out to, well, a big fall down one story and into our deck. You can read all about that here and here. My design taste has shifted a bit since we did this room about five years ago, and I was ready to bring it up to speed with the rest of our house. Before the weather got really cold, I decided I wanted to knock this project out, and we just finished the last few updates in time for the Christmas season kick-off. So, I just decided to go right into a Christmas update, too.

For a new Christmas design in here, I decided to focus on greens, and my inspiration was this gorgeous rich green velvet quilt I happened upon. It's sadly now discontinued, and I'm so happy I snagged it when I had the chance. The velvet just feels like a cozy winter's night in, and even though I've never been a huge velvet person, I'm really into it now. But more on the Christmas design in a sec. 

When I originally did this room, we had painted the walls gray, and wanted more of an eclectic/cottage feel. As we’ve redesigned each room in the house, we’ve come to realize that the cohesiveness of white walls really just allows us to introduce color to a clean slate, and would also allow us to bring in all kinds of colors to decorate with, without feeling like we have to stick to one palette because of the gray walls. Also, I love how white makes everything pop. I felt like our bed was blending into the gray walls way too much, and now, it completely stands out. Basically, I just love white walls, and can't imagine doing any other paint color in our house. 

Needless to say, I ended up painting the entire room white, and used White Dove by Benjamin Moore, which is the same color as our bathroom, and the existing trims. Just the white paint alone brightened everything up as I'd hoped it would, and already, it was feeling a lot more serene. 

I also wanted a way to add more artwork in our bedroom, but was struggling because we actually don’t have a lot of wall space. The slanted ceilings and sliding barn door to the bathroom don’t leave us a lot of options, so I decided to add shelves along the back wall on either side of our bed to display some of our favorite photos from our travels. There's a reason why we try to take lots of photos while we travel! Using them as artwork around the house is our favorite thing to do with them. And I'm so happy we finally found a way to feature some of them in our bedroom. 

Over time, I think I may actually stretch this idea into the adjoining wall where our tiny windows are and surround ourselves with photos from traveling. But I’m still letting that idea fester for a bit. I used Smallwood Home to make the larger canvas prints in the center, and loved my experience with them. The prices were fair, and you can select different frame colors and overall sizes. It was so easy. 

Above the bed, I planned to make my own wall art, but ran into a lot of snafus that were stressing me out. So, since the holiday season is upon us, and the world is giving us enough to be stressed out as it is, I just decided to set the project aside until after the new year. I'm hoping by then, my creative juices will be flowing enough to get it done. But eventually, we will have something above our bed. 

I’ve been trying out all white bedding on our bed recently, and I’m really preferring it over the patterned sheets we've used previously. We still have our patchwork quilt that was in almost every photo of our bedroom previously, but because we never gave it a rest, it had started to look a little worn. It’s discontinued now, and since I’d like to have it until the day we die, we’re just trying to rotate it out with other quilts to preserve it as much as possible. It still looks great with our white bedding, but it's just taking a little breather for the upcoming season. 

So, back to this green, velvet quilt. It's spectacular. It's from Pottery Barn, and the color is called Spruce (if you want to try and track one down on eBay). I did the white sheets and shams and just another sprinkle of green with the quilt and the throw pillows. And seriously, getting in this at night is absolutely amazing. I feel so fancy. 

One other addition to our bedding that is so, so nice is this knit blanket from Target. It's part of a new line from Casaluna, and this thing is great. It's a pretty chunky weave, but the fibers don't get on everything (I was worried about that with the velvet, but nope!), and it washes and dries really well. It's also really soft and just feels way more expensive than it actually is. I couldn't be happier with it. 

We put up our little tree in the corner, which we've had for years now. And the past few years, I've been keeping it simple without any ornaments. For the bedside tables, I added some little pine trees and white ceramic snowy village houses.

And, that's a wrap on our Christmas bedroom for this year. Last Christmas, we were living out of our bedroom because our living room was under some serious construction. So, honestly, since then, as much as I love our bedroom, I didn't really want to spend more time in here than necessary. But now with this little update, I'm back to really enjoying this space. I may even curl up in here one snowy afternoon with a Christmas movie and some treats - who knows. 

There are some other updates we plan to make over time in here as well. We really want to get a chaise chair for the corner on the left, and then move my vanity over to another wall and add a really nice wall mirror above it as a statement. But I haven’t found the right pieces to do that yet, so hopefully we’ll get there in the next few years. 

But for now, I’m really enjoying a nice clean and crisp white room that surrounds us with some of our favorites memories, and still feels really cozy.


Many of the pieces featured are discontinued. The bed, bedside tables, lamps, green quilt, trees on bedside tables, the tree in the floor basket and the lit tree in a crate are all no longer available to purchase.

Green Velvet Throw Pillows: Pottery Barn
Ruffle Shams: Target
White Knit Bed Blanket: Target
Snowy Ceramic Houses and Tree Pots: Pottery Barn


  1. So lovely Sam! Thank you so much for sharing. I've looked and looked for that original quilt that you had and can't find one. I found a twin size one but needed a king. Your posts always make me want to move to the northeast! Can't want to see what you decide to do above the bed!

    I'd love to see the final phase of your living rooms! Miss you on YouTube! I wish you could get on Patreon! I'd totally follow you there :)


  2. Thank you so much, Shirley. Oh, I'm not surprised! I've looked for a back-up quilt on eBay and have never found one. The "artwork" (and I use that term veeeeerrryyyyy loosely) is actually so simple, so it won't be that exciting for people to see once it's up :) Our one living room is all done, and we're hoping to have the other one finished before Thanksgiving 2021. Fingers crossed. One of my goals for 2021 is to really figure out what forms of social media I truly enjoy, and try to expand on that. I'm reconsidering posting to YT more frequently, but I'm just not sure yet. But I so appreciate your encouraging words - it means more than you likely realize. Thank you again so much. Always enjoy hearing from you.

  3. I never considered myself a velvet person either but that green velvet quilt is so cozy & Christmasy looking! It's gorgeous. Also, I can't believe it's been 5 years since you first re-made this room, it seems like just yesterday I watched your video about it on YT!

    1. Time goes by so fast, doesn't it? I couldn't believe I was giving it a refresh either because it felt like yesterday we moved in. I don't know what it is about velvet lately, but I'm apparently here for it (as long as it's green!). Thanks so much for stopping by - it means a lot.

  4. You should be featured in magazines. This is as lovely as anything I've seen there.

    1. Awww, thanks Momma H! This was a fun one to do.

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